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Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability


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Neovim is a project that seeks to aggressively refactor Vim in order to:

See the Introduction wiki page and Roadmap for more information.


See :help nvim-features for the full list, and :help news for noteworthy changes in the latest version!

Install from package

Pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux are found on the Releases page.

Managed packages are in Homebrew, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Void Linux, Gentoo, and more!

Install from source

See and supported platforms for details.

The build is CMake-based, but a Makefile is provided as a convenience. After installing the dependencies, run the following command.

make CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfosudo make install

To install to a non-default location:

make CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/full/path/make install

CMake hints for inspecting the build:

  • cmake --build build --target help lists all build targets.
  • build/CMakeCache.txt (or cmake -LAH build/) contains the resolved values of all CMake variables.
  • build/compile_commands.json shows the full compiler invocations for each translation unit.

Transitioning from Vim

See :help nvim-from-vim for instructions.

Project layout

 cmake/ CMake utils cmake.config/ CMake defines cmake.deps/ subproject to fetch and build dependencies (optional) runtime/ plugins and docs src/nvim/ application source code (see src/nvim/ api/ API subsystem eval/ Vimscript subsystem event/ event-loop subsystem generators/ code generation (pre-compilation) lib/ generic data structures lua/ Lua subsystem msgpack_rpc/ RPC subsystem os/ low-level platform code tui/ built-in UI test/ tests (see test/


Neovim contributions since b17d96 are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, except for contributions copied from Vim (identified by the vim-patch token). See LICENSE for details.

Vim is Charityware. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you areencouraged to make a donation for needy children in Uganda. Please see thekcc section of the vim docs or visit the ICCF web site, available at these URLs: can also sponsor the development of Vim. Vim sponsors can vote forfeatures. The money goes to Uganda anyway.

ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)


ChatGPT Desktop Application (Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux)

ChatGPT downloadschattwitteryoutube

Buy Me A Coffee

[!NOTE] If you want to experience a more powerful AI wrapper application, you can try the Noi (, which is a successor to the ChatGPT desktop application concept.

Thank you very much for your interest in this project. OpenAI has now released the macOS version of the application, and a Windows version will be available later (Introducing GPT-4o and more tools to ChatGPT free users). If you prefer the official application, you can stay updated with the latest information from OpenAI.

If you want to learn about or download the previous version (v1.1.0), please click here.

I am currently looking for some differentiating features to develop version 2.0. If you are interested in this, please stay tuned.

A visual no-code/code-free web crawler/spider//ServiceWrapperWeb

/EasySpider: Visual Code-Free Web Crawler


A visual browser automation test/data collection/crawler software, which can be used to design and execute tasks in a code-free visual way. You only need to select the content you want to operate on the web page and follow the prompts to complete the design and execution of the task. At the same time, the software can also be executed separately in the command line, so that it can be easily embedded into other systems.


BrightData7200IPIPIP250BrightDataEasySpider is an AI-powered service that specializes in solving various types of captchas automatically. It supports captchas such as reCAPTCHA V2, reCAPTCHA V3, hCaptcha, FunCaptcha, DataDome, AWS Captcha, Geetest, and Cloudflare Captcha / Challenge 5s, Imperva / Incapsula, among others. For developers, Capsolver offers API integration options detailed in their documentation, facilitating the integration of captcha solving into applications. They also provide browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, making it easy to use their service directly within a browser. Different pricing packages are available to accommodate varying needs, ensuring flexibility for users.

/Official Website

Visit the official website of EasySpider:

1/Example 1

-> -> -> ->

(Right click) Select a large product block -> The software will automatically detect similar blocks -> Click the 'Select All' option -> Click the 'Select Child Elements' option -> Click the 'Collect Data' option, you can collect the information of all products, and will be saved by sub-field.


2/Example 2


(Right Click) Select a product title, the same type of title will be automatically matched, click the 'Select All' option -> Click the 'Collect Data' option, you can collect the title information of all products.

At the same time, if you select the 'Loop-click every element' option after selecting all, you can automatically open the details page of each product, and then can set to collect the information of the details page.


/More Features

More features please scroll to the bottom of this page to view.

/Download EasySpider

Releases Page

Refer to the Releases Page to download the latest version of EasySpider.

/Support Author


  1. Github SponsorSponsor
  2. [email protected]
  3. PayPalnaibowang

You can support the author by clicking the Sponsor button at right side or pay via paypal: naibowang.




Documentation can be found from GitHub Wiki.

/Video Tutorials


EasySpider -




JS -

- 58










Refer to Youtube Playlist to see the video tutorials of EasySpider.

/Sample Tasks


Download sample tasks from the Examples folder of this project, rename them to numbers greater than 0, import them into the tasks folder in EasySpider, and then open them in EasySpider.



This software is for learning and communication only. It is strictly forbidden to use the software for any illegal operations, such as crawling government/military websites that are not allowed to be crawled. All consequences caused by the use of this software are at the user's own risk, and the author is not responsible for any consequences.

For the crawler operations of government and military websites, the author will not answer any questions in order to avoid violating relevant national laws, regulations and policies.

[email protected]

Meanwhile, the software is protected by patent rights. If it is used for commercial purposes, such as using the software to make profits, selling the collected data, or integrating the software into your own system, please contact the author by email: [email protected]




/Compilation Instructions

Refer to Compilation Instructions.

/Supported Features